Friday, February 15, 2008

Professional Sports Teams Need a Wake up Call

Is it my imagination or is it true that a flu epidemic is sweeping professional sports? Lately it seems that every time I read a newspaper or catch a game on TV another key team member is down with the flu. With millions of dollars at stake, you would think a trainer or somebody would wake up and implement some effective preventive measures to keep their athletes healthy.

Are team members briefed on the importance of regular hand-washing?

Are they getting flu shots?

Are they being taught not to touch their eyes, nose, and mouth (how many times must we watch LeBron James chewing his fingernails?)

Are they getting enough rest? Right.

Are they taking high quality antioxidant supplements? I happen to have a Biophotonic Scanner that can measure skin carotenoid levels, a key indicator of healthy nutritional status. Theoretically speaking, a high skin carotenoid score will offer additional protection against viral infection. Here is one study on the antioxidant glutothione that concluded this: "the data suggest that the thiol antioxidant GSH has an anti-influenza activity in vitro and in vivo".

I am currently taking the Pharmanex Lifepak Nano twice a day and my skin carotenoid score yesterday was 83,000. Most people I test fall in the 20,000-29,000 range. Where would you rather be, and if you owned a professional sports team, where would you want your athletes to be?

I can't prove it's because I take antioxidants, but it's been several years now since I have come down with anything other than a minor cold.

Owners, trainers, and coaches, at least get your athletes tested! Call me! 801-230-3223.

I also recommend the book Lance Armstong's War, which gives some good insight into extreme preventive measures used by professional cyclists.

One final note: Did you see the case of bananas the New York Giants had brought in during the Super Bowl to fight muscle cramps? Is that really the best a Super Bowl team could come up with?

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