Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sleep is Part of the Running Performance Equation

Besides genetics, what are the factors that can impact your running? Long runs, speed work, recovery, nutrition, and who knows what else. What about sleep?

According to this article published in New York Times artcle by Gina Kolata, nobody seems to know for sure the impact of sleep deprivation on endurance. Or for that matter, the impact hard training has on the ability to sleep.

"Deena Kastor, who won the London Marathon last year and set an American record, said she sleeps 10 hours at night and takes a two-hour nap every afternoon. Steven Spence, a marathoner who won a bronze medal at the 1991 world championships in Tokyo, had the same sleep habits when he was training."

“I would be sleeping about half of my life,” Mr. Spence said.

The bottom line for advice for anybody, regardless of how much you run, would be to obstain from alcohol, caffeine, or energy drinks. Let's assume you don't use nicotine!

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