Thursday, January 31, 2019

Ladder Workouts

Workout of the Week: Track Ladders Competitor Running

"-a ladder workout is an interval session where you either ascend or descend the time or distance—along with the pace—of each repetition. “Ladder workouts that start with shorter, faster intervals flood the legs with lactic acid and teach your body how to persist with fast running even though they are tired and heavy.
Descending ladder workouts that decrease in interval length throughout the workout—but increase in pace—teach your body how to change gears late in a session.”
-Coach Sarah Crouch of Runners Connect.

MY COMMENT: As Coach Crouch points out, there are different reasons why you might start with shorter intervals as opposed to working your way down from longer segments. While I favor multiple repetitions run at the same distance, occasionally I will break it up with a ladder routine- working my way up to finish at a pace that simulates racing.

Last week I did the following: 16 x 100m with 20 sec recovery; 5 x .2 mile with 60 sec recovery; 2 mile run.

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  1. I’ve the same problem sometimes, but I generally just force myself via it and revise later. Good luck! Xtend and Climb