Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Warming Up for Running: Less May Be Better in the Heat

In this particular study, runners completed 3 treadmill runs to exhaustion in a warm environment:  One trial was precluded by a 20 min warm-up, one wearing a cooling vest for 20 min, and one "without particular preparation." 

Runners ran for 32.5 minutes after pre cooling, 26.9 min after the 20 min warm-up, and 30.3 min after doing nothing.  Effects of warm-up and precooling on endurance performance in the heat.

In this small study that controlled for increase in body temperature, runners did better on a 4 min maximal treadmill run  with lower levels of lactic acid produced and a higher blood pH maintained (blood pH decreases when lactic acid increases).  Effects of active, passive or no warm-up on the physiological response to heavy exercise.

MY COMMENT: Adjust your warm-up to the conditions, and do whatever you can do stay cool: stay inside if an air conditioned room is convenient, jump in a lake, or take a cold shower).   

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