Sunday, September 30, 2012

Race a Mile Every Day and Get Faster!

I actually did this approach starting in 2004... I traveled to New Zealand and spent some time in a small village doing some missionary work... having a track background I would train in the village and wanted to start something new, a revolution. My results were so astounding, I really didn't need to spread the word. Besides, everyone is different and what I did may not work for you. What did I do? I decided for a year, every morning early before the sun was to rise... I would jog 800m and then do some basic drills and stretches. Then I ran 1 mile all out (I have to finish) I'm not sprinting the damn 100m's I'm running all out to where my quarters are pushing my limits. I would cool down 800m and stretch... I did this 7 days a week... my recovery was much needed sleep and eating healthy... extremely healthy. I ran a 5:07 in highschool track... but starting this plan I was around 5:55 due to being out of shape... but after a year of this plan. I ran a 4:28 mile. Isn't this awesome? Running is not that complicated... people like to separate themselves in their workout plans, this gives individualism in a small aspect of life... which all life includes individualism. The basics of running: run your body into shape, run your body into the ground, train your body like a machiene, go all out.

Interesting thread at from a guy pledging to run an all out mile until he drops!  This was one of the more interesting posts.  Read more:


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