Saturday, June 2, 2012

5K Training on 11 Miles a Week!

Three days a week, I put on my fastest Nike clothes, lace up my racing flats and head down to the track to sprint. No warm-up jog. Just a few drills and stretches and BOOM! I’m off! When I leave the house, instead of saying “honey, I’m going to go run a 12 miler now,” I say “I’m going sprinting. See you momentarily!” The rest of the time I swim for cardio, which used to be nauseatingly boring but since my knee hurts doing everything else, by force of will I decided to like it. - training diary of 5K Olympic Trials hopeful Lauren Fleshman Lauren Fleshman I can definitely relate- a few months ago I started experiencing knee pain that gradually became chronic. It didn't take long, however, for me to figure out that the pain was not worse following short, high intensity workouts such as 1 or 2 mile tempo runs or intervals. With a June 23 mini triathlon set for June 23, I've been doing lots of short "brick" workouts- bike followed by running, along with every other day short but intense swim workouts. And it seems to be working. Yesterday I ran 11:36 for 2 miles immediately following a 9 mile bike. The day before biked 7 and did 5 x 800m averaging 2:55. As you can imagine, it takes a while to get the running legs going, but these times compare favorably to my normal splits, on no more than 10 miles a week! Next up? I am interested in what I can do for 3 miles on fresh legs. Stay tuned. PS- Knee pain still there, but much improved!

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