Friday, February 10, 2012

Top High School Girls Team Does NO INTERVAL TRAINING!

The North Shore training mix is a peon to old-school thinking. It’s short on razzmatazz and long on development. It’s not the stuff of clinics, not if you’re looking for the new hot workout. The basics, through summer, fall, winter, etc., as Levy said, are: (1) Run 10 days straight, then take a day off; (2) run hills three times a week in a 65-minute road run in which you do 10 minutes on the flat, 45 minutes on a hilly route (pushing the up hills, easing off on the down hills), then finish with 10 minutes on the flats; (3) other days run 45 to 65 minutes on the flat followed by 8 x 30-second strides; (4) do one longer run of 90 minutes in the 10-day cycle.   Saturday Night Lights: Nadel and mates break training 'rules,' gain strength, feel fresh

Samantha Nadal, North Shore's top runner, who seems to be thriving on these workouts, has already run a 4:46 mile indoors- on no intervals! 

MY COMMENT:  As always, I am facinated whenever somebody breaks from tradition- and you cannot argue with this kind of success.  Lots of hills and 30 sec strides meshed with a huge areobic foundation seems to be working!  I'd like to see those hills! 

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