Sunday, December 11, 2011

Anatabloc- New Anti-Inflammatory Made from Tobacco!

The active ingredient in RP006 is anatabine, a compound found in tobacco that seems to have dramatic anti-inflammatory properties (The left axis of the graph represents an inflammatory molecule). source: Roskamp Institute

I know of no research on anatabine related to endurance, but it's plausible to believe that it may enhance recovery.

Anatobloc is expensive- $89 for a one month supply, however that could be cheap if it provides relief for many who suffer from chronic conditions related to inflammation (of which there are countless, including Alzheimer's- see the link here about clinical trials).

Parent company Star Scientific (CIGX) also markets a dissolvable tobacco product called Stonewall that is sold by AAFES. Recently I recommended it to a soldier attempting to quit dipping, and low and behold he stopped by on Friday to report he's been dip free for a week while using it!

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  1. Yes I have heard of this being good for runners here is a post from runnersworld