Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Adjust Your Intervals!

Coming off a marathon 4 weeks ago, I am starting to get back into my normal training routine that includes 800 meter intervals on artificial turf. Prior to the marathon I could rip off 10 and keep them all under 3 min.

Yesterday, after 4 in 3:06, I realized that I am simply not ready to pick up where I left off. Rather than quitting, I took a long 4 min break, then ran another in a more comfortable 3:16, finishing off with 2 x 1 mile in 6:37 and 6:27.

In retrospect, if I'd started out with 3:15 I would have been fine, but as it is I salvaged a pretty decent workout. Friday I'll see if I can fit in some 400s at 90.

Sidenote: I am still focused on accumulating and tracking sub 7 min miles per week.

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