Saturday, October 15, 2011

Training Update- 40 Miles Run at 7 Min Pace or Under!

Sun: 3 miles x 5 in 20:47 ave with 3 min recovery, all on turf. 16 miles total

Mon: 7 miles easy

Tues: 8 x 800 on the track- felt good the last 4 but not really sure how fast other because the last 2 according to the GPS were 2:45 but seemed short. I think all were at 3 or under. 6 miles total

easy 5 miles

Thurs: 5 miles in 35 min pm 2 miles jogging with the kids

Fri: 3.5 miles in 24 min

13.1 miles in 90 min

MY COMMENT: This was an amazing week- Despite coughing fits even while running (especially when I stop) I feel decent running. Although I cheated by including 2 long fast days in one week, my total of 7 min miles or under was 40! Can't wait to get healthy!


  1. 40 miles at 7 minute pace or better while previously being sick and at your age is amazing.

    I cannot help but think that you have 2:40 potential in the marathon if you could adapt to 80 plus mile weeks.

    Bob Wildes

  2. thanks Bob but that would be a little to quick for me- for years i've had a tight hamstring that is somewhat limiting at faster running- i can still go sub 3 though,however this hacking cough isn't doing me any good. FYI- I'm entered in a Nov 6 marathon.

  3. Dave I have an extremely tight right hamstring that I finally am trying to correct.

    I am trying a lying hamstring stretch I saw in Grete Waitz's last two books. 10 sets of 2 second stretches on each leg. Also at three day intervals I will do a set of 1 legged leg curls then a set of one legged partial range of motion leg extensions. We will see if this helps.

    Bob Wildes