Sunday, September 18, 2011

Workout Summary Sept 11-17

Sun: 2 mile warm-up, then 3 x 3 miles in 20:15, 20:05, and 19:24 (barefoot). 3 min rest. All run on turf, last one barefoot. 2 mile cool-down. 13 miles total- good workout

Mon: 6 mile jog, 7 mile bike with some good effort uphill repeats

Tues: 12 x 400 meters on the turf in 90-91. last 6 barefoot. < 60 sec recovery. Not trying for speed here- not feeling well and did that bike workout last night. 5 miles total with warmup and cooldown. PM bike 5 miles total and jog 2 miles with the kids. 7 miles total run for the day.

Wed: 7 miles in 50 minutes

Thurs: 12 miles in just under 8 min pace

Fri: 5 miles, all but .25 under 7 min pace

Sat: no run- sick with a hacking cough

50 miles run for the week. Ok I had some food poisoning going on for nearly a week, followed by a hacking cough that I still can't shake. Enough already.

I did squeeze in a short triathlon last Sat- still not feeling well but did ok considering my lack of swim bike training. I did the 400 meter swim in approx. 8:20s and was through transition and on the bike in 10 flat. I have not pushed the bike in a while but averaged slightly over 19 mph, then ran the 3 mile in 18:48 for 8th place, finishing in 1 hr 10:56. Last year I had a much better bike (1 hr 08 min finish) and wasn't sick.

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