Friday, September 9, 2011

Morton's Toe and What To Do About It

Is your second toe longer than your big one?

I haven't thought about Morton's Toe for years until I stumbled onto this. According to Dr. Burton Schuler in his book titled Why You Really Hurt: It All Starts in the Foot, Mortons Toe can cause the following problems; back pain, hip pain, knee pain, leg pain, plantar fasciitis, calf pain, fibromyalgia, arthritis, corns and calluses, bunions, fallen arches, ankle pain, heel pain, arch pain, weak ankles, hammer toes, tired feet (all over), neuromas, burning feet, shooting pains in the toes, stress and march fractures, night cramps (restless leg syndrome), temporomandibular joint pain (TMJ), diabetic foot ulcers."

The good news is Schuler claims he helps patients treat these conditions by simply taping a pad under the bone just under your big toe. Check out his website for additional information on common foot ailments.

It's worth a try, but I am also very intrigued by what other gems of information you might discover in this book.

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