Monday, August 15, 2011

Weekly Update- Miles or Quality?

Sun: 15 miles slow- just working on completing the distance.
Mon: Bike 10 miles, swim 10 x 100 meters
Tues: 7 x 800 meters on turf, 60 sec recovery. All 2:56 or faster. Great workout!
Wed: 9 miles easy, pm 10 mile bike
Thurs: 5 miles easy, 400 meter swim
Fri: 3 miles in 19 flat- really struggled to maintain 6:20 pace
Sat: 4 miles in 25:12- better than Fri but still found it hard the last mile (6:18/mile)

Total= only 42 miles. 9.5 miles under 7 min pace.

My weekly total is too low, and I'm thinking it may be a better approach to just target one week a month to really nail a high number of sub 7 min miles. Increasing weekly distance while trying to run more quality runs at the same time isn't going to work. I'm encouraged by the Tuesday workout, but Fri and Sat felt way too hard.

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