Monday, August 29, 2011

Initial Thoughts on Deagu

First off- that 16 oz beer cost me only 2500 won- not much over $2! The problem was, they were selling out so fast you had to look hard for one that was even cool. Eventually they just started storing them in freezers with the ice cream.

Second- thinking I was going to eat something at the track, I put off dinner, and I won't be making that mistake again. I ended up with some kind of dried fish and a bag of chips for dinner. What I would have given for some Miller Park food!

Third- getting there was simple- they had shuttle busses ready at Dongdaegu station that took us right to the track. Getting home was another story- after waiting in a non-moving bus line I took off decided to join a crowd of spectators leaving on foot- presumably to the nearest subway station. I presumed correct and got back to Dongdaegu with about 30 min to spare prior the last train departing to Waegwan. I finally got back to my hotel right around midnight.

Tonite the meet goes even later, so I am thinking I might get a head start and skip the women's 100 meter, check the bus line, or just jog the 1.5 miles or so to the subway. Hope I make it.

Finally, I am undecided if Usain Bolt is good for the sport or not. No question he was the reason many were there last night (I spoke to one Korean guy in line that took the KTX fast train down from Seoul and was heading back right after) but his antics were starting to get a little over the top for me. I admit seeing him false start and get dq'd was something that I thought was just what the doctor ordered to tone down his act. We'll see if he takes it out on the 200 meter guys.

The 10K went about as expected in a world championship- nobody wants to take it out resulting in a slow early pace with a mad dash at the end. Poor Galen Rupp never had a chance.

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