Sunday, August 21, 2011

AFX Ankle Foot Maximizer

Check out this AFX Ankle Foot maXimizer designed to strengthen muscles below the knee-something every runner could possibly benefit from. I've watched the videos and agree the traditional approaches to strengthening those tissues (bands, curling a towel with your toes, etc.) are inferior to this device) for preventing or treating common running injuries such as shin splints or plantar fascitis.


  1. Hi Dave - thank you very much for reviewing AFX on your blog. If you ever need any additional information on the engineering or science behind our product, just let me know.
    All the best.

  2. You are welcome Matt- This would be a great tool for the PT department (Army medical clinic).

  3. Thanks Dave - we do have AFX in some of the PT departments at different bases, but your note is a good reminder that I need to follow-up with them because we had casual conversations on doing some trials on common foot ailments.
    Again, we appreciate the support and if you need anything, just drop me a line at ''.