Monday, June 6, 2011

Shaq vs Tyson Gay

I saw this for the first time- Shaq running 30 meters vs Tyson Gay running 60- I was mildly surprised at how fast the big fella could move!

Reminded me of a day way back in 1984 at UW-Stevens Point. We were screwing around on the track running different races and needed an extra body for a 4x400 relay. Somebody went in the gym and came out with Terry Porter, who was preparing for the Olympic basketball team trials. We couldn't believe he was risking a hamstring pull or worse to run a nothing race!

Somebody loaned him a pair of spikes and Terry gave it a good go for about 250 meters before the bear jumped on his back - wish I could say I remember his split but if I were to guess he was in the mid 50s!

1984 Sports Illustated article on Porter, who went on to play 17 years in the NBA.

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