Monday, April 18, 2011

Strong Tailwind Predicted at Boston

Just like 1994! I was 40 at the time and remember seeing the cups blowing by me at aid stations! Everybody ran fast that year, including me! I finished in 2:34, a time occasionally fast enough to sneak into the top 10 in the masters division. Turns out 10th was something like 2:25, with Doug Kurtis's 2:15 leading the way.

Up front, Cosmas Ndeti set the course record in 2:07:15 and Uta Pippig did the same as top female in 2:21:45. Heinz Frei set a world record in the wheelchair division in 1:21:23 as did Jean Driscoll in 1:34:22 (Boston Marathon winners)

If this weather holds, we could be in store for another record-breaking day. Good luck everyone!

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