Saturday, April 2, 2011

Lost 1972 Marathon Result Found!

I have Runner's World's Booklet of the month titled "1973 Marathon Handbook". It lists times run by U.S. Marathon runners in 1972. Page 74 lists David Elger with a 2:51:17 marathon poster Orville Atkins

How do you lose a marathon? By lose, I don't mean get beat. Back in July of 1972, I ran the Whitewater Marathon, but until now had no verification. Before the days of big city races other than Boston, there existed a handful of small town marathons like this one that went by the wayside years ago, and unfortunately many of the performances have been forgotten.

I never forgot that I ran 2:51, but had no finisher certificate, race result, or even a medal to prove it. I wasn't even 100% sure of the year until now.

According to keeper of the data Ken Young, my span between sub 3 hour marathon now stands at 38 years, 271 days.

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