Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bill Squires is One of a Kind

If there was a Squires specialty, it's what he calls "pickups"--surges of anywhere from 1 minute to 5 miles, done especially during long runs (and on the Newton Hills when preparing for Boston). Rea says that Squires wanted her to incorporate pick-ups into every run, even on recovery days. Says Beardsley, "On my Sunday runs, in those 22 or 24 miles, I'd do everything I'd done in the previous six days on that one run--surges, hill repeats, tempos. I'd get done that and if I'd nailed it, that gave me so much confidence and strength."

Running Times article about legendary marathon coach Bill Squires (Squires, Boston and the Zoopy Zoopy)

MY COMMENT: Based on how well his runners performed, the out-spoken Squires may have been the best marathon coach the U.S. has ever seen. It sure makes me wonder what he could do with the talent we have in America today.

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