Tuesday, March 22, 2011

World Record Marathon!

10th Annual US Open Sumo 2010
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No, nobody ran under 2:03:59, but former Sumo wrestler Kelly Gneiting, from a Navajo reservation in Arizona, is probably correct when he claims to be the heaviest "runner" to ever finish a marathon.

Gneiting, who believes his latest challenge will be easy because he 'floats like a cork', ran the Los Angeles marathon in just under 10 hours at the weekend - dropping from 405lbs to 396lbs in weight during that time.

And afterwards the 40-year-old revealed he now wants to hike from the Dead Sea to Mount Everest - and swim the 21-mile Channel.

'I honestly think I am one of the best athletes in the world,' he told the LA Times before the race.

"I was really struggling in the last five miles, but I said to myself, 'If I have to crawl, I will,"

I like his spirit, but not quite ready to call him the best athlete.

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