Saturday, March 12, 2011

Eight Days Until Seoul Marathon!

"The hay is in the barn." - Bill Bowerman

Not much more I can do to boost my fitness for this marathon. Looking back at what I did in the week prior to my last sub 3 hour marathon (March, 2009), there was a 4 mile time trial on Tuesday in 20:38 (see post here), the exact same time I did prior to another sub 3 at Seattle.

Last week I did 10 x 800 in 2:53.9 ave with 90 seconds recovery, and yesterday I did 5 x one mile in 6:16, 6:07, then 5:57 three times in a row, all with just 75 seconds recovery. Breathing is not a problem and recovers quickly but I have no extra gear in my legs to run faster.

I'll attempt that 4 miler on Tuesday.

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