Monday, March 14, 2011

20 x 400! 6:45 per mile ave

I knew I had to run on Sunday, but didn't feel like it. Saturday was an easy day, so I had to do something- tempo- forget it. 800s- not interested. Long run? Not the week before a marathon.

So I settled on 400s at a pace I could handle- around 90 seconds. I did them on artificial turf running 1 lap plus another straight 100 or so on the inside of the .2 mile track.

I began easy, hitting my 400 plus a few meters in 93, jogging 45 seconds back to the start. After 10, I noticed that my average time on the GPS was right at 7 min per mile. OK- I decided right then to see if I could take that down a few notches, not by running the 400s faster but by picking up the pace on my jogging recoveries.

By the time I finished 20, my average speed was 6:45 per mile for 6.5 miles. That's a good workout for me on a day I didn't even feel like running.

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