Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hanson's Marathon Training Program

Unlike some other elite running programs, the Brooks Hansons Distance Project has no qualms about sharing their training secrets.

In the January, 2011 issue of Runners World, Adam Buckley Cohen shares his Chicago Marathon experience after following the Hansens training program (New Year New You: Way of the Renegades ) that included no long runs beyond 16 miles!

According to Kevin Hansen, "’s not like running the first 16 miles of a marathon, it’s more like the last,".

The Hansens (Kevin and brother Keith) designate 3 key workouts a week- the long run, the marathon tempo, and the speed/strength workout. In preparing for the last several marathons I've done, I've made it a point to rest the day prior and after the hard long run. Hansens, on the other hand, insert an off day prior to a mid week marathon tempo run up to 10 miles, but sandwich the longest runs between workouts up to 8 miles. Tough!

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