Friday, December 3, 2010

Angkor Wat Half Marathon

Got into Cambodia around 11 pm- 1 am Korea time I so was beat. I did 6 x 800 yesterday around 3 min (under with the tailwind, over against the wind), so the combination of that plus 8 hours of sitting (bus and plane), my legs felt pretty rough this morning.

Obviously it's hot, but I got out around 7 am for 5 miles and it didn't feel too bad. The 0630 race starting time, plus, at least according to one source, water every 2.5 kilometers on the course should be enough to keep dehydration at bay.

This race is bigger than I thought- more than 4,000 in all the races. Angkor Wat Half Marthon They also offer a 100K bike tour on Sat!

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