Monday, November 22, 2010

Weekly Update Nov 14-20

Sun: 3 easy with Sumo, then 15 miles in 1hr 54
Mon: 3 plus short bike on rollers pm: 3 easy
Tues: 3 easy with Sumo, 3 miles. pm 2 easy plus 2 with kids
Wed: 3 easy with Sumo,then 7 miles
Thurs: 3 easy with Sumo pm: 1 mile warm-up, then 5:48 mile on artificial turf.
Fri: 3 easy with Sumo
Sat: 1 mile jog with Sumo, then 5K in 18:20

Total = 56 miles

Summary: Not much intensity this week. Recovery after the long run on Sunday was surprisingly good. The mystery of quick times on the artifical turf continues. This summer I ran a sub 18 running barefoot back and forth around goal posts. On Thursday I decided to run a tempo one mile on the turf with lightweight shoes . No way do I run 5:48 on a flat road in training, yet how can I do it on grass with multiple 180 degree turns following a 10 mile day? I have no idea.

I felt pretty strong in the 5K- we ran this race on the flightline, so a good half of the distance was a straight shot with a nice tail wind. For as hard as I train, I am disappointed with 18:20, but going to the age graded caclulator, that converts to 15:08, comparable to what I ran in college.

I've got 2 more races the next 2 weekends. Can't wait!

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