Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Weekly Training Update Nov 22-28

Sun: jog 3 with Sumo, then 10 easy (not bad the day following a 5K)

Mon: jog 1 with Sumo, then 7 easy PM: jog 3

Tues: jog 3 with Sumo, then 3 on the treadmill at 6mph, 8 x 8% incline for 2 minutes each. PM: swim

Wed: jog 2 with Sumo, then 5 x 800, cool down 8 total

Thur: jog 3 with Sumo PM: 2 miles with the kids

Fri: am 3 miles, then 2 mile tempo in 12:42. Felt ok expected at least a sub 12:30
pm: swim

Sat: jog 3 with Sumo and felt very sluggish

Total for the week= 53 miles

Sun: race in Seoul- I ran the first leg on a marathon relay, which was supposed to be 11.5 kilometers. I felt surprisgly good warming up and ran well. Splits were 5K in 19 min (not too crazy), 8K in 30:35, and 10K in 38:12. Finished up in 44:25. More good news is there was no soreness or fatigue on Sunday, a good sign that I am gettting stronger. Just not faster.

Our team placed 10th out of 55, so we accomplished out goal. My 6:10 per mile average got me 11th on the first leg.

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