Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Run For the Money- Chicago was Amazing!

Watch the exciting finish of the Chicago Marathon between Olympic Champ Sammy Wanjiru and London winner Tsegaye Kebede as they fight to win the $500K prize for winning the World Marathon Majors along with another 75K for winning the race. Think money was not a motivating factor- just watch!

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"Truly emptied, Kebede would cross the line in 2:06:43, 19 seconds behind Wanjiru's 2:06:24. Wanjiru collapsed to the ground, propped up and fed water by waiting race volunteers, showing an unusual amount of fatigue after what can only be described as a once-in-a-career effort. The Kebede/Wanjiru duel has to be considered one of the greatest and most dramatic late-race marathon battles when one considers the caliber of the two runners and the career and earnings-defining nature of the race. Wanjiru faced the toughest the world had to offer (namely, Kebede) and overcame deficit, doubt and fatigue to claw his way to an amazing victory. What a classic race."

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