Monday, October 25, 2010

Race Update: Camp Humphreys 10.6 Mile Race

Last night I did race on Camp Humphreys that started at 9 pm- coinciding with the Army 10 Mile start in Washington D.C.

How did I do? Perfect weather, and like my half marathon two weeks ago, I took it out at a pace that was probably beyond my fitness- 30:40 though 5 miles (boy would I love to get into an 8K and try and break 6 min per mile!)

I managed to hang on and finished up averaging 6:20 per mile (67 min for 10.6 miles), matching the exact pace I averaged in the half.

This was a very low key event and for me nothing more than a good hard workout. A few days ago I thought that I was lacking speed, but I am also very aware that I have not run farther than 14 miles. In other words, I have lots of work to do!

What else did I learn? I have to find a better combination of inserts and long distance racing shoes. I am no longer comfortable with these discontinued Brooks Burn and broken down PolySorb inserts (I have some new ones on order!).

My cardiovasular fitness is great, however my legs were definitely fatigued on that second lap around Camp Humphreys- something that can be improved with a weekly longer run. I also am going to spend a few minutes a week in the gym for some leg press work.

One more point: The day after my half marathon two weeks ago, my legs were very sore. Today, the soreness is minimal, a sign that I am indeed getting stronger.

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