Saturday, October 9, 2010

Distance Running Tip- No Changes for Races

Over the years I've had a bad habit of occasionally trying something new for races without testing it in training.

I've been racing for a very long time now in an old pair of Brooks Burn (now discontinued) and beat up old Spenco Poly Sorb Inserts , however I suddenly realized (too late as usual) that I'm due for an upgrade.

Earlier in the week I was giving serious thought to racing in my new Brooks Ghost in tomorrow's half marathon, so wore them for a two mile time trial on Wednesday. They felt fast, but before long I began noticing some friction like discomfort on the bottom of both heels, not something I want to take a chance on in a 13 mile race (or maybe it was the new socks I bought at the local market- they feel great but at under $10 for 10 you have to wonder about quality).

I'm resisting the the temptation to go with those Brooks, so tomorrow I'll be running in the old Brooks Burn and beat up insoles. Don't be surprised if I haven't upgraded my shoes and insoles by the next race.

Weekly Update for Oct 2-9

I got in a slow 14 miles on Sunday, my longest run in over a year, and actually bounced back with a little 3 mile tempo Monday. I felt very strong on Wednesday's 2 mile, but messed up when I missed a turn and had to double back. I still ran under 12 minutes (since I was wearing the GPS, I stopped when it hit 2 miles).

I can now tell my cardio fitness has surpassed that of my legs- a sign that it's time for some 400s at a quicker pace. Friday I did my 2 x 800 in 2:53 and 2:51, much quicker than the 2:57s I did on Friday two weeks ago prior to my 10K race. A good sign I hope.

Total for the week = 47 miles run and just 8 on the bike.

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