Friday, October 22, 2010

Distance Running Tip: Check Your Progress

Yesterday I did 6 x 800 with 90 seconds recovery, a workout I last did exactly 4 weeks ago on Sept 21. Here is the comparison.

Sept 21......Oct 22


2:53.8......2:52.8 ave

It doesn't look like much, especially for the amount of work I've put in the last 4 weeks. It's a bit unusual that again I fell off pace on #6- most runners, including myself, always have something left for the last one, but I was exhausted!

Let's take a look at Monday's workout-

2 x 2 miles in 12:16 and 12:18 with 5 minutes rest.

Two months ago I did this one in 13:10 and 12:55.
Last month I improved to 12:29 and 12:27.

I'm coming to the conclusion that my strength is now ok at 10K pace and beyond, but 5K speed is just not there. Looking back, it's a nobrainer that I just haven't done any training at 5:45 pace, so how can I expect a breakthrough? Perhaps in my 20s I could get away with it, but not anymore.

I have a 10 mile race this weekend, so working on speed will have to wait a week.

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