Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday, Aug 13 Workout

am: 4 mile bike to work (Lightening storm last night kept Sumo up - and me- most of the night so I had to sleep in)

: 3 mile jog, then 2 x 1 mile with 5 minutes recovery 5:56 and 5:58. Clearly I am NOT in sub 18 min shape beacause this was hard!

OK what's going on? I've run a few 800 meter interval workouts around 6 min/mile pace and a 18:26 5K last month. Then suddenly I take off my shoes and cruise a relatively easy 4 mile tempo in 26:40 (6:40 pace) on artificial turf. By comparison, I've done a couple of 5 milers around 7 min pace and it was hard! Then Tues I ran barefoot on the grass 17:47 for 5K. Am I really 20 seconds per mile faster running barefoot?

I have to go back to the track next week just to verify what's going on- does running barefoot make that much difference or was my normally reliable GPS that far off?

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