Monday, August 30, 2010

Aug 29- DMZ 10K

This was my first semi-serious race in a long long time. I wanted to do well here and training has been consistent, and slowly but surely progressing. I expected to run well.

Weather was cloudy, with some off and on light rain, and very humid. The goal was simple- don't go out too fast and try to run even splits-or close.

I don't have the exact splits, but I was something like 6:13 at the mile feeling easy. I kept glancing at the GPS keeping an eye on the ave pace, that gradually slowed throughout the last half of the race. At 3 miles I began to notice breathing was becoming labored, forcing me to slow it up just slightly.

To make a long story short, I ended up with 6:20 as my ave per mile, with an official chip time at 39:13. (results here)

What did I learn? 6:15 pace is easy, so I probably don't need too much stuff quicker than 6:00 miles in workouts, but I am lacking the strength to maintain it. I need to get my weekly miles up to 50, and I need more long runs (once it cools down here!). Finally, I need more of those 800 interval workouts at a pace that I can handle- either more recovery or slightly slower.

What's up next? I've got a short triathlon here in the middle of Sept just for fun, then I'll run another 10K near the end of Sept in Seoul. After that I am already registered for a half marathon Oct 10. Room for improvement, and still time to get there.

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