Saturday, July 3, 2010

Improve Your Endurance with Supplements

If you have to money to buy Newton Shoes, then you need to also consider a couple of supplement products I've stumbled across that may boost your running performance even more.

The first one is Multi-V by First Endurance. According to the company website, independent research on a compound called CARBOGEN, time elite cyclists were able to maintain 100% MAX workload increased to 6.3 min(+3.4) compared to 4.4 min (+2.9 min)using a placebo. Blood lactate levels were also lower following 30 minutes of exercise.

The other product from First Endurance is Optygen HP: New and Improved for 2010. Optygen contains 2 key endurance enhancing compounds, Rhodiola, and Cordyceps.

You may recall in 1993 when out of nowhere distance events were dominated by Chinese women.

The entire Chinese Olympic team has been rumored to use cordyceps (and probably a variety of other Chinese tonic herbs!) to increase their edge. In the spring of 1993 eight Chinese female runners broke the 2:27 hour mark in the Tianjin marathon. This was an incredible achievement from just one nation. The following August it was Chinese women that won every single track distance event at the Stuttgart World Championships. A month later, again Chinese women dominated at the National Games in Beijing, breaking the records for the 1,500, 3,000 and 10,000 meter races. -(ok- they HAD to be taking something else, but what- turtle blood and caterpillar fungus?)

Six of his runners (fondly known as Ma's Army), including Dong Yanmei, the former 5,000 metres world record-holder, were dropped by China’s Olympic squad before the Games in Sydney because of doping concerns. More have since tested positive for banned substances -China left running on empty in wake of Ma's Army

For an interesting, unbiased review of Rhodiola, check out A review on Cordyceps can be found here.

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