Saturday, July 10, 2010

Compression Socks Update

•Higher VO2 levels!

•Faster Muscle Recovery!

•Less Muscle Fatigue!

•Reduced Muscle Swelling!

•Protection against cramps, strains, or sprains in the lower leg!


Too good to be true? Maybe not. Running performance at the anaerobic (minimum lactate + 1.5 mmolxL) threshold (14.11 vs. 13.90 kmxh, ES: 0.22) and aerobic (minimum lactate + 0.5 mmolxL) thresholds (13.02 vs. 12.74 kmxh, ES: 0.28) was significantly higher using compression stockings. Therefore, stockings with constant compression in the area of the calf muscle significantly improved running performance at different metabolic thresholds. -Effect of compression stockings on running performance in men runners, J Strength, Cond Res, 2009, Jan; 23(1): 101-105

Not everybody agrees. Confirming research on compression socks from 2007, a study done at the University of Indiana found no change in performance, however they did not look at recovery following hard, long exercise ( IU studies raise questions about compression garment hype).

Granted, there appears to be some differences in technology among the different brands, and there may be something to enhanced recovery, but more studies are needed to clarify the benefits of wearing compression socks.

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