Sunday, May 16, 2010

Zions Bank Ogden Marathon

"It's like Prozac," he said. "I mean it's so beautiful. You have a net downhill for the entire course." -Marc Collman who has run all 10 Ogden Marathons (Salt Lake Tribune)

This is marathoning at it's best (don't take my word for it-read the reviews at (looks like they had some foul tasting water last year!).

I spent a year in Ogden area and this race is first class. Scenic course, net drop in elevation of 1,079 feet, usually good race conditions, and not too large (the race is limited to 2,500). Ogden Marathon

In nearby Layton, you'll find a quality running store with a knowledgable staff at Striders. John and Kristen Wojciechowski(Kristen is the marathon race director) put in countless hours hosting races for the local running community.

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