Saturday, April 17, 2010

Volcano Erupts Boston Marathon Plans for up to 600 Runners

Smoke billows from a volcano in Eyjafjallajokull April 16, 2010. A huge ash cloud from the Icelandic volcano spread out across Europe on Friday causing air travel chaos on a scale not seen since the Sept. 11 attacks and costing airlines hundreds of millions of dollars. REUTERS/Ingolfur Juliusson (ICELAND - Tags: DISASTER ENVIRONMENT)

"Just when you thought you've dealt with everything, now you can throw volcanoes into the mix," Guy Morse, Executive Director of the Boston Athletic Association, said. "we are preparing the best that we can to accommodate those athletes when they arrive, be it Sunday night or whenever it is. The situation will play out over the coming days. It's too early yet to tell exactly how many athletes will be impacted by this travel situation."

"It took me nine tries and 13 years to qualify for Boston, which I finally did. When I got the news yesterday about the volcano, I just laughed. Qualifying for Boston is a lot like finally marrying the girl you dreamed about all of your life only to learn that you make yourself miserable. Oh well. If I can't make it in I'll just hope for better luck next year."
-American runner stranded in London

-Volcano making travel a pain in the ash

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