Saturday, March 20, 2010

Who is Telling the Truth? You Be The Judge!

Marathon Performance Training Group is pleased to announce the addition of Mohamed Trafeh. The former Arizona Wildcat and Duarte High School, CA phenom is preparing for a breakout season. The 24-year old wrapped up 2009 with a victory in the 32nd Annual Cow Harbor 10k (29:15.6). Other notable finishes included 2nd at the USA 20k Championships and 12th in the USA 15k Champs. He is tentatively scheduled to run a marathon in Morocco (where he is currently training) to begin the 2010 season. Trafeh makes his home in Southern California.

Coach and agent Brad Hudson on Trafeh: “Mo is an outstanding athlete. We’re really excited to bring him on board. He’s a super talent with tons of ability — very untapped (Brad Hudson)


Brad Hudson coaches you, correct?

MT: No. I am self-coached.

Did he ever coach you?

MT: No. I talked to him a couple of times. He gave me some friendly advice.

On the Marathon Performance Web site, it says he is your coach and agent. It also says you run for their team.

MT: I was surprised to see that, actually. I got a message from a guy on Facebook asking me for a picture to put on the Web site. And I gave him a few pictures. I thought he was going to do a little profile on me for Marathon Performance. Next thing I know it looks like they included me in the group as if I was one of his athletes. He doesn’t coach me or represent me. He’s my friend as far as Facebook goes, but nothing further than that.

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