Friday, March 26, 2010

Ten Reasons To Do The Bataan Memorial Death March Marathon

If you have a "bucket" list for marathons, there is no way you can exclude the Bataan Memorial Death March Marathon.

1. The "heavy" category means you carry 35 pounds.

2. "I've done 17 marathons - this was unreal. I wasn't prepared for the sand.
I wasn't prepared for all the loose sand - many miles of this and a lot of it uphill."

3. "Being part of an event honoring the real Bataan Death March and meeting actual veterans"

4. Footwear is limited to military service recognized boots (military only I guess)

5. Participants will wear BDUs, ACUs or their service equivalent uniform (military only I guess)

6. Over the period of record 1980-2004, the 24-hour average wind speed in late March is about 8 mph, with daily maximum gusts of near 30 mph. However, wind speeds along the east-facing slopes of the Organ and San Andres Mountains, near much of the march route, can be much higher, with gusts of 50-60 mph quite common during windstorms

7. Miles & Miles of Nothing but Desert

8. White Sands Missile Range has been a site for defense testing, to include various munitions, for more than 50 years. Do not touch, pick up or kick anything along the route

9. In the true Death March, the surrendered had no options. They helped each other through the ordeal just to stay alive. In the memorial event, marchers are encouraged to remember this spirit


The Next Bataan March Marthon is March 27, 2011! Results for 2010 here.

Read about the REAL Bataan Death March here.

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