Saturday, March 13, 2010

Scuba Diving and Running

I am currently enjoying a little R&R in the Philippines that includes scuba diving the local reefs. It's hot here, not to mention I am not in very good shape, but I still need to run.

I found this excellent article at about exercise and diving. To be on the safe side, they recommend "Intense physical training should be 24 hours on either side of diving activity. Any exercise within 24 hours of diving should involve the lowest possible joint forces."

Today and tomorrow I'll be doing a 35-40 minute run at around 6 am, dive at around 9 am, rest up, dive again at around 5 pm, then get in an easy evening swim (I can't help it- I'm bending the rules a little).

That schedule, along with a good dose of Filipino food, should help me lose some of this extra belly fat I've been carrying around!

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