Friday, March 19, 2010

Great Running Story!

The story of Bereket Piatt and Habatamu Rubio, both PT juniors, is interesting, and not just because their coach is confident they will win state titles this year while chasing each other, although that is part of it.

The real story is the two talented runners are native Ethiopians who have been adopted by two Port Townsend families — Ruth and Tony Rubio, and Nancy and John Piatt

How would you like to be a high school coach that has not one, but 2 native Ethiopian boys running on your cross country and track teams? I even ran against these 2 last year at the 2009 Rhody Run in Port Townsend!

1. Gray Joseph Lakewood WA 25 M 00:37:54.72
2. Steidl Uli Shoreline WA 37 M 00:39:28.72
3. Timeus John Kent WA 24 M 00:40:09.97
4. Fraiser Ian Port Townsend WA 35 M 00:40:34.33
5. Effmann Jason Portland OR 33 M 00:40:47.79
6. Piatt Bereket Port Townsend WA 17 M 00:42:29.49
7. Conrick James Seattle WA 26 M 00:42:37.47
8. Runio Habtamu Port Townsend WA 16 M 00:43:47.71
9. Young Don Port Townsend WA 45 M 00:44:08.16
10. Darrock Keith 31 M 00:46:06.47
11. Houk Elva Port Orchard WA 25 F 00:46:07.87
12. Elger Dave Sequim WA 55 M 00:46:14.67

Rhody Run Results 2009

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