Sunday, December 20, 2009

Jenny Crain Update

"Jenny," says Anne Marie Letko, who ran against Crain in the Olympic Trials and finished 10th in the marathon in the 1996 Games, "emanates a sense of being alive in the moment."

I'm still deeply moved when I read something about Jenny since her terrible accident in 2007. With a marathon PR of 2:37:04, Crain had her sights set on the 2008 Olympic trials when she was struk by a car on a routine training run near her home on the east side of Milwaukee.

Suffering serious brain damage, she now struggles to walk 50 feet. Read the article linked above that was recently published in Runners World, and next time you go for a run, think of Jenny Crain.

You can make a contribution to the Jenny Crain- Make It Happen Fund , with proceeds going toward Jenny's care.

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