Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What Happened to Jenny Barringer?

Jenny Barringer, in case you don't know, has been on a roll for a long time- she ran in the Olympic Games in 2008, had a great track season at U of Colorado,and shattered the American record in the 3000 meter steeple chase last summer, running a very quick 9:12.

I had the chance to see Barringer run a couple of times last year and she was head and shoulders above her competition. She is an awesome talent.

This week, in her final collegiate race, the NCAA cross country meet, the unbelievable happened -

"When Barringer was passed by Kuijken as the runners neared 4,000 meters, the Colorado standout slowed and fell back to the pack. Barringer, who said she suddenly got "light-headed", stumbled to the ground almost a minute after runners began passing her by.

"There were points I didn't know if I was on a long run or if I was in a race," Barringer said. "I'm human. There was a lot mounting up to this. It was important to me (to win), maybe I just made it a little too important."

Barringer, who finished in 163rd place in 21, minutes 47 seconds, said she "had some nerves" in the days leading up to the race, even losing her appetite.

MY COMMENT: That's why you have to run the race. You never know for sure what's going to happen.

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