Saturday, November 28, 2009

Revenge for Allie Mclaughlin- 5th at NCAA

The first and only time I've seen 4'10" Allie run was this amazing footage of the high school Foot Locker Cross Country National Championships in 2008. I recall thinking, if she ran a little smarter and had a more efficient arm carriage, she could have won this race (be sure to watch all 3 parts)

Fast forward to this year's NCAA meet, where Allie place 5th overall, beating Footlocker Champ Jordan Hasay convincingly by 22 seconds.

She's at a good program at Colorado, and it will be interesting to see how she develops- I have yet to see a clip of her in college and wonder if her form has improved any.


    It's not great video, but advance it to 3:30. She's in 4th at that point.

  2. Thanks for the link- nope- Allie still has that side to side arm swing. Barringer was unbelievable! How wierd is that for the favorite in a 6K race.

  3. She finished 9.5 seconds behind the top returner for next season. Fixing the arm swing could do wonders for closing the gap.

    Barringer's day-after theory is that she had a perfect storm of stressors in her racing and personal life that made her brain fritz.