Sunday, November 8, 2009

Is Chicken Noodle Soup Better Than Sports Drink?

SOUP (about 12 ounces of chicken noodle soup) ingested before exercise improves fluid balance because of increased ad libitum water intake and reduced proportional urinary water loss -Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise

In a related study, soup was also found more benefcial than water or a carbohydrate elctrolyte replacement drink following exercise.

"..greater plasma volume recovery and lower urine volumes were observed in subjects ingesting CB (chicken broth) and Soup, containing high concentrations of sodium, than in those consuming H2O and CE (carb. electolyte drink). These differences were seen, despite the ingestion of only 350 ml of each beverage at the onset of rehydration -J of Applied Physiology

MY COMMENT: I am definitely giving this one a try! Are you wondering who funded this study? If you check out the authors, I see Rick Sharp, who was an old classmate from my days in the Human Performance Lab at Ball State. Check out his impressive credentials (and the number of grants from Campbell's) ! Rick also co-designed Speedo's LZR high tech swimsuit used by US swimmers at the Beijing Olympics (see article). A former All American swimmer for Chico State, Rick earned some of his graduate assistant money at Ball State by coaching the DIVERS!

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