Thursday, October 22, 2009

Is Wearing Less Better?

"I believe that in the next five years, there will be a shift in shoe design to shoes like Vibram FiveFingers and that the current shoe designs are old-school," he says. "By running barefoot, I have strengthened the supporting muscles in my feet and ankles and my running has improved out of sight." -adventure racer Josh Stevenson

MY COMMENT: Go very easy at first! Check out more reviews at example:

a.) 11 years of plantar fasciitis (on and off again)
b.) one article in Men's Health on the Tarahumara Indians
c.) one book called Born to Run
d.) 2 months of barefoot exercises to build up the foot muscles and calluses
e.) 1 pair of vibram KSOs
f.) 2 weeks of burning calf muscles
g.) no more foot pain

I think the shoe companies and podiatrists might have a lot to learn.

Seriously, I think these may have cured me. Time will tell, but the results have been far more impressive than anything else I've tried. It takes a while to get the stride ride, but it makes running more fun - particularly in the grass.

Here is a quote from a different reviewer who presents both sides:
On the flip side, What I don't like:
These shoes take longer than a normal shoe to put on. There is improvement with practice, but still, I don't think that you can just "throw them on," and bolt out of the locker room, or your front door. Particularly, because I recommend training in them with the toed socks which seem to prevent hot spots, and these socks really take about a minute to put on. The shoes, after some practice, can be done in about 30-40seconds.
Also, when running on rocks (on a trail for example), you do feel them. Finally, unlike the Nike 3.0's, you really don't have the option of a heel strike, and they are brutal when running on concrete.

They are not cheap but might be something to consider, at least for a few miles a week on soft surfaces. Order here.

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