Monday, October 12, 2009

Dathan Ritzenhein Runs a 60:00 Half Marathon

"He's got the ability in terms of strength," Salazar said. "It's a matter of teaching him to relax physically and mentally so he's running easier."

IAAF World 1/2 Marathon

"He's fighting too hard from the beginning with his upper body. He's got an unbelievable engine, but he's never learned how to relax. Dathan is never just flowing. Dathan is always pressing, pressing, pressing. That's pretty easy to fix."
-Alberto Salazar on Dathan Ritzenhein following his 3rd place finish at the World Half Marathon Championships where he ran 60:00 even. -usatoday

MY COMMENT: Great run by Ritz but not unexpected the way he has been running lately. Should put a fire on the other Americans! Note: 60 minutes for 13.1 miles is 4:34.8 minutes per mile.

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