Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What Happens When You Take Time Off From Running?

Physiological effects of 2-4 weeks of detraining

VO2 max: down 4-10%
Blood volume: down 5-10%
Heart rate: up 5-10%
Stroke volume: down 6-12%
Flexibility: Decreases
Lactate threshold: Decreases
Muscle glycogen levels: down 20-30%
Aerobic enzyme activity: Decreases
Running economy: Unchanged

-Pete Pfitzinger

MY COMMENT: According to Pfitzinger, "most elements of your fitness go down at about the same rate at which they go up."

My theory, based on personal experience, is that after 3 or so days off, you need 3 days of training for every additional day you miss before regaining your original level of fitness. In other words, miss 10 days and you'll be back to normal in about 3 weeks.

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  1. Dave you are closer to the truth than Pete. At least for 50+ year olds.

    Maybe Pete is right if one is talking about 18-22 year olds.