Friday, September 18, 2009

Running With Injury

When can you run with an injury? You can sum up the answer to that question with the following: Listen to your body!

As I mentioned in the previous post, I developed some kind of hamstring strain on Tuesday. On Wednesday, I could tell there was no way that I could run, but the bike felt ok. Today, I went out for a very slow 50 minutes- and I mean not much faster than brisk walking.

I can feel discomfort with every step, however it didn't feel any worse the longer I went and I wasn't favoring it or limping. Unless it feels worse tomorrow, I will try to extend the distance. One fact is clear: it will be several days before I think about pushing the pace or any kind of interval workout.

I've always felt that complete rest until all symptoms or levels of discomfort are gone is not necessary, especially when soft tissue injury is involved. You do what you can, even it means walking, and then add cross training. Go for time and forget distance. The longer the better.

When should you NOT run?
- in the presence of sharp, uncomfortable pain
- when significant swelling is present
- when pain causes limping
- when pain becomes worse during or following a run

Icing the area afterward is also a good idea.

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