Sunday, August 2, 2009

Training Update July 31, Aug 1

Friday: Easy 30 minutes with Sumo, then another 55 minutes on the Robin Hill trails. A few strides after (trying to make those a new habit!).

Easy 20 minutes with Sumo, then 2 x 1 mile on the 5K route I measured out. Completely flat with the exception of a creek crossing that includes a short 20 second downhill and back up the other side. Definitely slower than running on the flat (takes a good 30 seconds to get up to level ground). I did the first mile in 6:14, 5 min recovery, and ran it in 5:54 on the way back. I've been running so much trail this workout did not feel comfortable. I'll do the 5K on it again next Tuesday. Long trail run tomorrow!

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