Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Workouts from Australia

I received this email from my buddy Nick that I met in Bali-he was a soccer nut back then but has since converted to a serious runner.

Ok. I have been doing long runs of 30k. 20k per day around that. with no speed. Just 5 min ks. Base work or in periodisation terms preparation phase. I have been amazed at how fast i have ran in this phase (ie, the 74 min half) The next phase is precompetition phase. So that = injecting some speed into the week via an interval session 1k repeats. and lowering the weekly mileage. (ie, 100k) Probably keep going between track and road/xc and leave the marathon for 3-4yrs time. I have a 5 yr plan and i am about 13 months into it :) My week will now look like this.

Monday 5-10k easy.

Tuesday 1k repeats 15-20k total session

Wednesday 10k easy

Thursday 30k long run or 20k threshold run

Friday easy 10k

Saturday 10k easy

Sunday 30k long run or 20k threshold run or race.

The three sessions in bold are the important ones. Recovery from these is also going to be a factor.

Any feedback.

MY COMMENT: I love the plan- Curious how long you spend on precompetition doing 2 x 30 K runs per week. When you introduce those long intervals, I'd not worry so much about running them too fast- focus on short recovery, number (how many?), and running form. What's the final goal?

(Note: I'll look into adding a forum here- I would love to get some discussions going).

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